sena 50s v2.3 problem after update


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hi Grzegorz stelmasiewicz

    please do a firmware restore after downloading the previous firmware linked here >


    To restore the firmware,

    1. Open Sena Device Manager and connect your device to the computer via a USB Power & Data Cable
    2. Once Sena Device Manager recognizes your device, click on browse and select the older firmware file that was downloaded.
    3. Then click on update and wait for the process to finish  
    4. Once it finishes restoring to the old firmware, your device should be loaded with the selected firmware
      Note: Please click on No to not update your firmware to the latest version

    Once you restore the firmware to the previous one, please test to see if the phone dial function works again, if it does, go ahead and update to the newest firmware again to see if the phone dial function works. it has been reported that sometimes the data transfer gets interface and it doesn't update fully, even though it shows complete.


  • Blender

    There is the same problem. My speed dial does not work on firmware v2.3

    Nothing happens when using jog dial.

    Downgraded to v2.2.1 - speed dial works fine, then upgraded to v2.3 - same story - speed dial doesn't work.

    It appears to be a bug with the new firmware, not the update tool.

  • Chmielo

    Witam. U mnie występuje ten sam problem, po aktualizacji do 2.3 szybkie wybieranie nie działa. Pozostaje degradacja do 2.2.1 i blokada aktualizacji!! I co dalej?

  • Grzegorz stelmasiewicz
    Grzegorz stelmasiewicz

    Hello. Unfortunately, version 2.3 does not work properly. I installed 3 times and speed dial doesn't work on 2.3. I went back to version 2.2.1 and am waiting for the improvement of version 2.3. Regards

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon

    28th August same problem.

    Returned to V2.2.1 using the link provided by Alex - Sena Support to get the .img firmware file.


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