SRL Mesh Firmware 1.3 - Revision History available ?


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  • seken

    Is it a new version? I enjoyed playing papa's burgeria io. The graphics and animations are colorful and cute, and the sound effects add to the fun atmosphere of the game.

  • Fabio Martinigh
    Fabio Martinigh

    I have the same question, which is the news on the update?


    I assume Sena guys our busy finalizing their all new Shoei Com-Link System for the 3rd generation helmets Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3. We will get new information, when they are done :-)

    No wonder I got my SRL Mesh and GT-Air 2 considerably cheap :-)

  • Mathis Brunn
    Mathis Brunn

    I notice the charging LED in the helmet doesn't work anymore, just installed 1.3 with the wifi adapter.
    Very helpful after it had charging issues anyway /s.


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