Best phone for MP3 or (MP3 player - I'm fine with separate devices)


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  • Permanently deleted user
    Permanently deleted user

    I use iPhone 3GS with SMH10 and two work very well. We have had successful test results with Android phones and other models of iPhone.


  • james milucky
    james milucky

    the LG Phoenix pairs nicely with the update. Has stereo bluetooth

  • Chris BeHanna
    Chris BeHanna

    Seconded for the iPhone.  Works great.

  • Dave Marsh
    Dave Marsh

    After much trial and error, I finally found an mp3 player that works well with the SMH10.  It is the Sony Walkman NWZ-S764.  Built in bluetooth with 12 hr battery life and auto connect (so it will reconnect if you accidentally bump the jog dial, causing it to stop playing).  I had tried an Ipod nano with bluetooth adapter, which worked great, but the adapter sucked the battery life down to less than 4 hours.  Then I tried a Creative Zen Style M300 which has built in bluetooth and good battery life, but is very difficult to use and upload to.  It also wouldn't automatically reconnect if it lost the connection.

  • Bob Dobolina
    Bob Dobolina

    I just found a new app that works wonderfully with the SMH10. Called Dar Downloader, it's part of the website that lets you schedule the recording of online streams. The newly released software lets you choose what the different Sena functions do (it even has double and triple clicks, but says they aren't supported with my device). I'm not sure how well the Dar Downloader works with MP3s of your own; I only really use it to download my favorite radio program and listen to those. I'm finally happy with the way SMH10 interfaces with my phone. Well, for music. Now I have to figure out why my Garmin refuses to see the SMH10. I specifically bought one with bluetooth. :-/


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