I have a unit I bought last May and it will not pair with the new set I just bought .


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  • Permanently deleted user
    Permanently deleted user

    All versions of SMH10s are compatible with each other. Keep in mind that to pair SMH10s for intercom, you will need to set SMH10 into intercom pairing mode by pressing and hold Jog Dial for 5 seconds; not the phone button. You can view demo intercom set up video for a visual help. http://www.youtube.com/senabluetooth#p/u/0/KXq_oO39G0U

    To receive firmware update, your SMH10 must have micro-USB port as power port and back of the SMH10 must display "SMH10B". 
    If you have SMH10 with round co-axial power port and "SMH10" labeled on the back, then your SMH10 cannot receive firmware update.


  • Jp1063

    I am also having trouble pairing a couple of SMH10B units. They actually seem to pair, but one mic doesn't seem to be working. Calling them Set A & Set B....Set B can hear voice over the speakers, but Set A cannnot hear Set B. When Set B adjusts the volume all the way up, Set A can hear a faint click (where Set B hears the beep meanig the volueme is all the way up). Could be a Mic issue on Set B? Set B can hear music over bluetooth from an Iphone, so can Set A. In Intercom mode, Set A hears slight "air" sound.

     Hoping to get some answers, hoping it's some setting somewhere that I missed.... I really don't want to send it back w\ RMA.

  • Vemmamjf

    I had that problem that Jp1063 had.  Turned out a pin had bent over on the electronics unit. I returned it for replacement under warranty repair.

  • Lucas Nathann
    Lucas Nathann

    Hello Vemmamjf Quick Draw I wonder how the publisher fixed this error for you, is it still working well now?



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