Are either of the SR10 input jacks noise-gated?


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  • Dan H
    Dan H

    I have only begun the setup process, but so far my V1 works OK with the SR10. I did not have that squeal to begin with and do not believe a noise gate will fix it. I used to have a Tesseract and the noise gate on it and the one on the SR10 function about the same, meaning incoming audio opens the ciruit, at which time everything comes through, then closes it and nothing does.


    In other words, if there is low-level interference in the audio circuit, as long as that interference stays below the threshold for opening the gate, you won't hear it. I suspect the Tess has a filter, which is different. A filter can remove part of the signal above or below a certain frequency. A gate is all or nothing. I don't know if the SR10 uses any filtering. But I'd try to chase down the squeal at its source -- the Remote Audio adapter should not be doing that and I wonder if you are picking up noise from the electrics on your bike?

  • Peter

    The squeal you're hearing is most likely alternator noise from your bike's electrical system. When you power the SR10 from the bike and connect it to other bike-powered audio devices, you create a ground-loop and allow the noise in to the SR10.

    To solve this, you don't need a noise-gated mixer, just a ground-loop isolator between the SR10 and the V1 audio adapter. (The SR10 should have had ground-loop isolation built in, but it doesn't, there's another thread about that.)


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