What happened to the ring tones in the new SMH-10 models?

I had 2 SMH-10 - the old, non-firmware upgradable models. Everything worked perfectly, and when a phone call came in, I would hear the ring tone associated with the phone's contact (first an iPhone 4, then an iPhone 4S) and could opt whether to answer or not.

One of the SMH10 broke, and the replacement I received (excellent customer service, BTW - **I** broke the unit by falling, it wasn't a defective unit, but I received a free replacement anyways) is a new SMH-10 running v3.3.

Bu now, no matter how I pair the iPhone 4S (always performing factory resets in between pairing and "forgetting" the device on the iPhone), the SMH10 plays a generic tone on incoming calls, while only the iPhone itself plays the ringtone (which of course I can't hear as the bike's too loud). I now have no idea of who's calling and end up having to stop to see who it it. Before with the old models the ringtone would be heard thru the headset, and the iPhone would remain silent.

While I feel bad posting this as I received a free replacement for something I broke (and I repeatedly asked to pay for...!), unfortunately the new unit is almost useless as-is, since I have to stop every time I get a call. Am I missing something...? Is this a known bug?



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