Sena Bluetooth Manager Mac for Lion


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  • Phil McC
    Phil McC


    Same here, MacBook Pro laptop  software version 10.6.8 Snow Leopard - Not too impressed with this process - "Failed to recognize device cannot recognize device version" - on line help does track will either - I am not using a BT keyboard or mouse - so that is not an issue - Also who thought is was a good idea to have to versions for different Mac OS and call them the same??  My device serial number is

    SMH10B110605013.  Please provide help in this matter.  Been waiting awhile - and now it doesn't work.  I DO NOT have access to a Windows PC/Laptop

    Thanks Phil

  • Phil McC
    Phil McC

    Ok - less then 12 hours later, get a nice email from SENA tech support - with a different version (even newer) of the Software Manager software - with instruction to delete the one I downloaded last night - uploaded the new file - and ran like charm - the first time - whole process took maybe 8 minutes - not sure what needed changing - but thanks to SENA help desk for super quick turn around and the actual fix.  Here is copy of the email - Dan Kim, Apr 06 14:25 (PDT):

    Hello Phil,

    Please delete the current Sena device manager from your Mac and install the one attached to this. Please let me know how it works out.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,

    Dan Kim
    Sena Technologies
    Customer Support Engineer


    THANK YOU DAN - you made a great headset even better!  Now that is customer service!

  • Chris Graeser
    Chris Graeser

    I am not sure if I am doing the update or not. I go through the screen that has me enter my password twice (I am assuming this is my mac admin password?), and plug/unplug the Sena. Then it goes back to the first screen with a message about now being safe to used bluetooth devices. Did it update?

  • Chris BeHanna
    Chris BeHanna

    The manager software doesn't work for me AT ALL (version 1.2, running on OS X Lion Server).  I get to the screen that asks me for my password, enter it, and click OK, and I get red text above the password box that says "Retrial: 1".  If I keep clicking OK, the "retrial" counter keeps incrementing, but nothing else happens.

  • bugsplatter

    I'm having this problem with the latest 1.5 manager software, and my SMH5.

    I'm running Mac OS 10.8.1.

    The software is unable to recognize the device is connected.

  • Richard Motorbikes
    Richard Motorbikes

    I had the same problem before.

    turn off the bluetooth on the mac, you'll need a wired mouse of course and follow the recognition instructions on the manger software with the

     , 'Do you use Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse without alternative built-in or wired input devices?   OPTION SET TO NO

    'sounds strange I know-sena suggested it to me a few months ago when i was updating from 1.0 to 1.1  and it defentntly worked for me. 


    again used it last night to udate to the 1.2beta with 1.5 manger software 

  • Richard Motorbikes
    Richard Motorbikes

    ime also running mac osx 10.8.1

  • robert v
    robert v

    I primarily use my Apple MacBook Pro and am running the latest OS X, Yosemite, 10.10.2 and would like to see an Apple device manager version versus Windows only.

  • Sena

    @robert v: There currently is a version of the Sena Device Manager for Apple computers. On the Software page where you can download the Sena Device Manager, underneath the 3 steps to download the program there are 2 tabs labeled "for Windows" and "for Mac".

  • Richard Campione
    Richard Campione

    I just got an 20S.  I have spent the last 6 hours screwing with it trying to get it set up.  Unhappy.  I have installed the hardware, charged the unit, and paired it with my phone.  Unfortunately, it doesn't generate ANY sound through the speakers.  Nothing. Never.  I downloaded the device manager for the Mac, but it gets the same error as you guys above - device not found.  I don't own a PC, so I have to use the MAC.  You'd think that this sort of thing shouldn't require extraordinary measures to just generate a sound through the speakers...any sound.

    I'm pretty unimpressed so far - highly disappointed.

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    Richard - Sounds like you may have a bad unit if you are not hearing anything when you turn it on.  Generate a repair ticket with Sena.  They are pretty quick to respond via e-mail rather than complaining through the forums and hoping someone there sees it.  If it needs replacing they are quick to send out a new one to you.  I had a couple problems early on and from start to finish it took just a little over a week to receive a replacement.


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