3 and now 4 way conferencing


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  • Joe Peacock
    Joe Peacock

    This is my question also.

    My wife and I are going on a 5000 mile trip with another couple. They purchased SMH 10s so we could all communicate. Sometimes we want to talk with a particular individual, and sometimes we want to be in conference all together. 

    If we pair for 4 way intercom (each unit paired with every other unit), does that remove the ability to have a 4 way conference (A paired with B and C, D paired only with C)?

    We don't want to have to pull over and re-pair each time we want to switch from "intercom" to "Conference." 

    I can't tell if the instructions for "4 way Conference" reflect the quickest/simplest way to achieve it, or if the "A paired with B and C, D paired with only C" is the only configuration that will allow Conferencing.


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