3 and now 4 way conferencing

I have an SMH10. Call me A. I have friends B, C, and D.

If I (A) start a conference with B and then C wants to join, does C have to start their conference with me (A), or can they start it with either A or B?

Once A, B, and C are in conference, D wants to join. Does D have to initiate their conference with C, or can they start it with any one of A or B or C?

The documentation makes it sound like C has to start theirs with A, and then D has to start theirs with C (and only C).


Also, is it really correct that, if I'm in a conference with B, there is no way for me to add C in? If I want to conference with both, I have to first connect to one, tell them to call me back in a few seconds, then hang up and start the conference with the other, and then wait for the 3rd person to join? This is certainly how the documentation reads (to me).


BTW, it would be really nice if I could come to the website and see the current revision numbers of the software. I know what revision I have. It would be nice to find out if there is newer software available without having to go get my intercom and my data cable and hook it all up and run the Manager software (just to find out there is nothing newer, for example). If there is a way to see that, then I should say it would be nice if that info was easier to find! E.g. I'd like to see that info immediately after I click on "Download".

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