How do I pair my phone with an SMH10 and SR10?


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  • Ken Wagnitz
    Ken Wagnitz

    Update on the above:

    I've managed to get the pairing working after resetting the SR10.  Don't know why this was necessary.

    Once set up, it looks like the SMH10 and SR10 need to be turned on simultaneously to re-establish pairing.

    So the apparent order of turn on is:

    1. Phone Bluetooth on (this had to be on first for the SMH10 to pair to it with both connection modes, before I had an SR10).

    2. SMH10 and SR10 on.  (The SMH10 has to be turned on while SR10 is still looking for the headset.)   -The SMH10 audibly reports "media connected" (ie the phone), does NOT report "phone connected", however the phone connection (ie SMH10 to SR10) is there and functional.  (The SR10 has both LEDs slowly flashing.

    Instead of this trial-and-error appproach, why can't the user manuals clearly spell all this out? And why isn't there more information on the Sena website about the products and exactly what they can do?  I appreciate that firmware updates keep changing functionality, but you should keep product descriptions up to date.  The sources of customer information are 1. manufacturer documentation/website, 2. reviews. 1. is very important for sales (IMHO).

    In conclusion, the products are pretty good (if a little pricey), the user manuals and website information are somewhat lacking.


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