Pairing SM10 and SMH10


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  • Decar76

    Austin - Allan makes a very good point. When I approach my bike, my phone's BT is already on, so as soon as I turn on my SM10, it will pair with my phone. I'd then have to turn off my phone's BT, pair the headsets, then re-pair the phone. Can't the software dudes, make patch so that the SMH10 is still able to pair after the phone does? This seems very time consuming to switch off my BT, turn on my SMH10 (x2), wait for both headsets to pair, turn back on my cell phone BT, and then wait for the phone to pair. Of course, this is taking in to consideration that I remember to shut off my phone's BT BEFORE I begin pairing. The software nerds have got to be able to figure this out, right?

  • Chris BeHanna
    Chris BeHanna

    Color me confused.  My SMH10 is paired with my iPhone, my son's SMH10 is paired with his Note 3, and each SMH10 is paired with each other.

    On power-up, mine recognizes my iPhone, his recognizes his Note, and when we tap the intercom button, they recognize each other, painlessly.  We do not have to go through the re-pairing sequence unless one of us has done a factory reset.

    I don't have any idea why this works differently for you.


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