20S Helmet Clamp Kit for CB/Audio of Harley Davidson 20S-A0203 Mic does not work

Hi. I ride a 2016 Harley Road Glide Ultra with the BOOM Box 6.5GT radio.  This clamp kit appeared to be an answer to a long-painful problem.  However, when using it,  I can hear everything through the 20S Harley clamp kit (radio, cellphone, navigation instructions, CB) but I am unable to talk.  The microphone works fine with the SENA 20S unit (I can talk with others via the SENA intercom),  but I have to turn off the unit in order to actually speak to someone on the CB.  I can hear them, but not speak.  When I make phone calls (through the Harley BOOM box 6.5GT radio) I can hear the phone ring and the other person answer, but they cannot hear me.  With the BOOM navigation system, I can hear the commands, but I am unable to use any of the voice commands (navigation or otherwise.)  I am trying to figure out of this is a defective unit, or if these other things have been tested.  Thank you.

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