20S - Allow GPS audio to overlay with Music Audio


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  • Luca Sauda
    Luca Sauda

    It would be great, but I'm afraid it isn't possible.

    If I'm correct, audio multitasking works thanks to the two bluetooth modules inside the unit. One is for intercoms, the other is for external devices.

    Since gps and smartphone are connected to the same module, I think they can't be overlayed.

    Hope that Sena denies me... ;-)

    I'm also thinking about what could happen if you're talking to your passenger, while listening to music in background, and the gps prompts something... Perhaps there would be too many sounds all togheter...

  • Danie Schutte
    Danie Schutte

    If you use your phone as GPS, it should dim the music while giving instructions. That will be a function of the phone / GPS App.

  • Stuart Ryan
    Stuart Ryan

    I would second this, surely for those of us that have no use for the intercom, there could be an option to disable the intercom functionality so that the two modules can be used for phone/gps connectivity independantly?


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