Why no Windows app?


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  • Marko Kostadinovic
    Marko Kostadinovic

    Yes, WP app would be quite nice. Now I need to look for someone that has one of these 2 to setup all of the features,. Then I wont be able to use them because I am not a apple fanboy or don't have android phone. :(

  • Tony Duncan
    Tony Duncan

    Another vote for a Windows Phone App please!

  • Denny

    Also a vote from the netherlands. WP is a firmly growing market.

  • Jason Love
    Jason Love
    At its conference for software developers last week in San Francisco, Microsoft announced a series of tools and partnerships that make it easy to use the source code of an iOS or Android app and port it to Windows Phone / a universal Windows app.

    Sena, if your iOS app is written in Objective C, or your Android app in Java, you're already 80% complete with the Windows Phone build (use Xamarin).
    Please build a Windows Phone app!
  • Taieb Y
    Taieb Y

    Another vote for a Windows Phone. I bought the dual today and I'd be really happy to have this app available for my WP ASAP :-)

  • H.J.W. Bruurmijn
    H.J.W. Bruurmijn

    I'm also in favor for a WP app.

  • Steve Sanders
    Steve Sanders

    YES A Windows APP PLease

  • Richard Albanese
    Richard Albanese

    A Windows app would be most appreciated and extremely versatile for Windows phones and tablets. Windows is the largest operating system in the World by far. And I personally feel it is the most intuitive smart phone system out there at the moment. And I say that after being an iPhone user for years. Sena should support Windows.

  • Private Please
    Private Please

    Windows phones have those BIG buttons that are easy to press when you're riding with winter gloves.  Neither Android nor Apple have this feature.  Also its more expensive to buy an Apple phone to accommodate your software than choosing a different product. 

    In other words, another vote for a Windows app.

  • Bruce

    I'm in the marker of getting a 20s, would need Windows Phone 10 support to get one. Why not port Android/iOS app to windows using new Microsoft technologies?

  • Sena

    We will look into the possibility of developing a Windows Phone version of the Sena Smartphone App in the future.

  • Björn Nordin
    Björn Nordin

    Sounds perfect! I really need a app for my windows phone

  • Todd Hubbard
    Todd Hubbard

    Another vote for the windows phone app.  Please Sena.

  • Stephen Jensen
    Stephen Jensen

    I'm also a windows phone user.
    I'd really like to see an app made.
    And to add I've been keeping tabs on posts like these for a long time now and finally decided to make an account with which to say something.

    To anyone else who was / has been searching online for a windows phone app for their Sena device please sign up and speak up. I know your out there. Even if your just a potential sena headset owner who wants to check if they have windows phone compatibility (it does but no app) please say something so this business can justify the creation of an app.

    And to Sena reps know that investing in a windows phone app might win you a niche market of windows phone owners shopping for comm system.

  • Paschal Kearney
    Paschal Kearney

    Please create a windows phone app. Can't set date caption for video without an app. No app for my phone.  Why can't the date be set in the device manager?

  • David Oliver
    David Oliver

    Echoing prior comment that the tools are in place to make existing app conversion for Windows fairly easy.  Thanks

  • Kovács Balázs
    Kovács Balázs

    I'm missing the Windows app too, but I have issues with the units itself and the app will not give me the option I need to use it.


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