Can't get FM Radio when the MP3 hardwire is plugged in

I am finding that my tap-tap response is going downhill fast.  I reset my 2 units and that did not help.  Finally I reset back to factory defaults and that helped, but I lost all my presets.  No config backup so I had to re-enter them all, what a pain.  Tap-tap works sometimes after a lot of tries, not good.

I am also finding that if I have an MP3 player plugged in I cannot get the FM radio to work, it just gives me a beep-beep and keeps playing MP3 music, no FM radio.  Anybody else experiencing this?

I have the V1.1 firmware, so that can't be the issue.  This is my first experience with Sena and it seems to be going downhill fast.  Don't want to be negative but I can't see anything in the manual about all this, even the new version of the manual.

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