20s and gopro bluetooth audio pack while listening to music


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  • Kurtfossen

    I thought the 20s would allow this....it doesn't. As soon as the power on the GoPro pack (GP10), the 20s kicks off your phone, and stays connected to the GoPro. Turn it off, and it's back to your phone. 


  • Nick Childs
    Nick Childs

    I was also extremely disappointed to find out that I cannot record audio through my Sena 20s via the GoPro Audio Pack - this was one of the main reasons I wanting this setup! I was really hoping that this would work with the 2.0 Sena 20s firmware update, but tested today, and same behavior.

    I really thought the whole "Bluetooth 4.0" architecture that allows you to "sync multiple devices at once" was going to allow for this. Can Sena provide an answer on if this is something that would be possible with future firmware updates to the Audio Pack, or if this is something that is technically not feasible with the current architecture?

  • Sena

    Currently it is not possible to listen to music while connected to the Bluetooth Audio Pack as the Bluetooth Audio Pack takes priority over the music while it is connected. However, we are aware about the request to record intercom audio through Bluetooth Audio Pack while listening to stereo music from a device such as a phone. We may provide a firmware update that will allow this functionality in the future.


    @Nick: The 20S is able to be paired with and connected to the Bluetooth Audio Pack and record audio through the GoPro using the v1.2 firmware. How are you pairing the 20S and the Bluetooth Audio Pack together?

  • Nick Childs
    Nick Childs

    @Sena: thank you for confirming that it is not currently possible to record music to the go pro audio pack via a 20s Bluetooth association. Now, I won't have to spend more time trying to make it work. It is GREAT to hear that this is potentially possible with future firmware revisions and look forward to seeing this functionality soon! 


    To be clear, I am not having issues pairing the go pro audio pack and Sena 20s - I just can't record music on top of this. Thank you for the response - much appreciated. 

  • Sharif Ahmed Moussa
    Sharif Ahmed Moussa

    @Sena is there a timeline in that update? is it a work in progress?

  • Dave Satterfield
    Dave Satterfield

    Now I am pretty pissed at myself and a little at Sena.  I just spent the money for a 20S because I wanted the Audio Multitasking feature so I could listen to music and record to my GoPro at the same time. I didn't see it anywhere on the main 20S page that this would not be possible. Nor, is it in their User Manual, which I did read prior to purchasing the 20S.  I guess I should have looked in the forums to see if it was an issue, but I had no reason to suspect it would have been. That's my fault.  My SMH5 was still working fine for me but now I've gone and spent the money on a feature that is now useless to me until (If ever, according to Sena) it gets put in to an update.  V1.3 STILL DOES NOT ALLOW FOR SIMULTANEOUS MUSIC AND GOPRO RECORDING.  A bigger question is why though?  If you are connecting the GoPro Back to the 20S as an Intercom then why does it treat it differently than a regular intercom set up, i.e 20S to 20S? 

  • Josefb134

    The Sena Bluetooth Audio Backpack automatically connects to my 20S without ever previously being paired and always identifies itself as "GoPro Backpack Connected". To me, this sounds like they are made to connect and only be used together being you dont even have to pair them. I feel that if Sena disabled this automatic pairing and allowed us to add it as an intercom, then listening to music at the same time would be possible. Just my two cents though.

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis

    I am just like Dave above. I bought the 20s only because I thought this problem was resolved. I already had the backpack and the smh10r. Had to choose between music or recording then. Still have to choose between them. I like that Sena said this may be fixed in an update, but that was last September. It shouldn't be that hard to fix. I really don't care if the backpack will record my music as well or not. I just want the ability to vlog as well as listen to music. Come on Sena.

  • Carl Masnec
    Carl Masnec
    Also like the above. My old setup was perfect but the only drawback was the wire into my helmet and the second mic. This really needs to be taken seriously, SENA. There is a very large community out there that needs this feature. I bought my BacPac for the wireless recording, and the HD recording feature of pairing it with a SENA headset. I am NOT willing to sacrifice loosing music while I record my videos, and if this feature is not expected to be added, let us know! Or an ETA, or something would be nice if it is.
  • Klaus Heinrich Kiwi
    Klaus Heinrich Kiwi

    Sena, please provide a firmware update so that the GP10 unit behaves like a intercom partner (at least when not using UHD mode). This way we could activate recording by pressing the headset button for intercom, and stop recording when it's pressed again. The sound from the internal mic could be used everywhere else.


    Sounds like a simple enough change that should be doable for a firmware update.

  • Chris Schlichtholz
    Chris Schlichtholz

    Thanks for bringing this up!  I was able to cancel my order and save $130 US.  I would definitely buy if this was fixed but I definitely wont if its not!

  • Hammerash

    has this been fixed?  read the manual and it does pair using intercom pairing.  I assumed you hit jog dial to connect to it like any other intercom, but instructions later say to hit pairing button to start or stop recording?  how are you going to do that with the unit mounted in the case in a place where you can't reach it?  needs to act like any other intercom-hit jog dial (1,2,3, or 4 times depending on which order it was paired in) to connect to unit and start stop recording.  That is how this needs to work to be useful and then could multitask and listen to music at same time as recording.

  • Jcorbett Nc
    Jcorbett Nc

    Any update on this?

  • Josh Sylvester
    Josh Sylvester

    I'd really like this to be updated as well... the latest iteration of the firmware for both the 20s and backpack are the worst yet, somehow trying to constantly keep both channels open and switching back and forth in a endless loop of confirming beeps.

    I agree that the most useful solution would be to have the backpack act as a intercom partner (but I disagree on mode, I believe it shouldn't matter which mode). once you toggle open the intercom connection, then it either (a) Mutes the music, (b) Pauses the music, or (c) use Audio Multitasking to keep playing the music, but at a lower, customizable volume, and still allow the voice channel from the microphone to be recorded to the backpack.

    I understand that (a) or (b) might be the easiest, and (b) is probably the most logical... but the technology already exists for (c) if the "intercom partner" is another Sena device, I would hope that it is a software issue stopping the backpack from being treated like another intercom partner, and allowing Audio Multitasking to work as designed.

    It's also been FOREVER since anyone from @Sena updated this issue, could we get some clarity?

  • Tim Parker
    Tim Parker

    Any word on possibly listening to music while using the gopro bluetooth audio pack? It's been about 8 months since the last Sena Technician responded saying that they are looking into making this possible with a future update. 

  • Caleb Wu
    Caleb Wu

    Would also really like this feature. Didn't know this wasn't possible.

    It also doesn't work at all with the FM radio or even Aux input audio.

    I get that there may be licensing issues with the footage, but is there a way to make it so that the users can hear music, but the audio sent to the GP10 is purely from the microphone, and not all the inputs? I'm guessing that's not how it was designed in mind, and might be a hardware limitation at that point. But this stuff is so well engineered, I'm optimistic.

  • Tan Hong Peng
    Tan Hong Peng

    19 July 2016. Thank goodness I am checking it up before getting the sena backpack. Is there any updates on Sena side? 

  • Todd Fiebranz
    Todd Fiebranz

    @SENA It has been 2 years now. Is there even a serious effort going to making this happen? Since we are able to use the intercom while recording how much more does it take to keep the audio open when recording you can keep the Audio open when intercom is in use also. I am sorry I bought the GP10 to get clear audio since it pretty much renders the expensive 20S useless while using the GP10.

  • Todd Fiebranz
    Todd Fiebranz


  • Greg

    oh dear, I've just spent the money on the Sena backpack and my have been caught out here too  :(     I can put up with not recording music, however really want to be able to take phone calls at the minimum from my iPhone without impacting audio recording. 

    Anyone able to confirm:

    a) Is the issue the Sena can't be connected to both iPhone and GoPro Sena Backpack at the same time?  

    b) if connected to the backpack does that mean you can't take a phone call?  (or is the issue the iPhone always comes in once you turn on bluetooth and makes the backpack die out?)

    c) any work around re recording audio on backpack,  get/take a phone call (so worst case audio into backpack drops out), but then once call finished backpack starts picking up audio from Sena again?







  • Arnaud Dréan Photographe
    Arnaud Dréan Photographe

    4 years ago it was your answer SENA!!!


    Currently it is not possible to listen to music while connected to the Bluetooth Audio Pack as the Bluetooth Audio Pack takes priority over the music while it is connected. However, we are aware about the request to record intercom audio through Bluetooth Audio Pack while listening to stereo music from a device such as a phone. "We may provide a firmware update that will allow this functionality in the future"  

    4 years after nothing to help us! 



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