Why did my 20S microphone quit working?


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  • Uskcbh01

    Did you ever solve your problem? We are having the same issue?

  • Ebrandvik

    Same problem here. The fixed boom mike stopped working after a few days, and now after 4 months the wired boom mike suddenly stopped working.

    On closer inspection it appears the helmet-mounted microphone socket itself appears prematurely worn and slack.

    Installed on an Arai XD3 and only been exposed to normal, non extreme all-weather road usage. 

  • Ebrandvik

    Problem # 2: Physical contact failure between helmet socket and main unit cause music streaming from cellphone to stop intermittently and sound to fail from RH speaker. 

    Jiggling/touching the main unit usually tweaks it in place and restore both functions, but something is apparently haywire regarding physical interface between helmet clamp contact/main unit and the microphone socket itself. Ticket requested from Sena yesterday. Awaiting warranty response.

  • Boostmd

    My 'gut feeling' is that my problem is software related... because it works for awhile, then stops working... then if I disconnect and reconnect the sena unit from the helmet, it starts working again... then drops off.  It NEVER seems to come back online by jiggling, which makes me thing MY issue isn't related to a loose connection. 


    Same problem for me, sometimes work well, and suddendly stop working. Since last 3 weeks is not working at all, even I replace the mic for a new one, and not receive any voice command. After a thousand of restart it work for a while, then stop working again. I have the firmware 1.6
    Any idea of how to fix it? I think is a software issue.

  • Jan Davidts
    Jan Davidts

    I have my Sena 20S since September 2014 and it has been working fine until recently. Built the unit over from my Scorpion EXO 900 flip up helmet to my Shark Evo One helmet and microphone initially still working. When standing still and Scorpion flipped up, the microphone was working perfect (as well for b2b, for calls as for voice commands). On the new helmet the microphone was initially still working. Recently i did upgrade the firmware to version 1.6. I never changed the settings. One moment some two weeks ago it seemed the microphone stopped working when on the bike, even when standing still (so as good as no wind).. Later I tested the microphone inside and then it was working. A bit later on the bike, problem was back. Back inside, isuue was gone, back on the bike... I replaced the mic with a new one but the issue remains. I also tried to go back to firmware version 1.3 which was working before, but no luck.

  • Acjscott

    I am having similar intermittent problems with my microphone which seem to be exacerbated by the "group intercom" setting here's my tale of woe from a recent 5 day ride.  I posted this on the Sena support page 4 days ago and I'm still waiting on a reply.

    I had logged a support request and they replied to upgrade the Firmware (which I already had) and then perform a "Factory Reset"

    I have now tried this resolution and also changed the microphone and 
    the problem is still occurring. 
    Resolutions I have tried:

    * Downloaded most current firmware  
    * Reset factory settings (I have now done this 3 separate times and 
    it doesn't have an immediate impact on the problem) 
    * replaced microphone

    The error is still intermittent in that some days it will be fine and 
    it most often occurs after a long day using the Group Intercom 
    It is a fault which seems to progress gradually over the course of 
    time during a day where the sound from my microphone will start to 
    fade and then eventually no-one else in the group will be able to hear 
    me.  I am still able to hear their conversation perfectly clearly 
    they just cannot hear me. 
    To give you a detailed description of the problem here is the timeline 
    of events on a recent 5 day ride:

    * After communication from Sena performed a factory reset before the 
    ride because at the end of my last ride no-one could hear my 
    microphone even though I could hear them. 
    * Day One - paired with one other rider and used the intercom for 
    over 4 hours of riding (Sena performed faultlessly) 
    * Day Two - Paired with 3 other riders and enjoyed perfect Group 
    intercom for about 6 hours then my microphone started to get "faint". 
     I stopped and reset the factory settings and repaired with the 3 
    riders and this did not improve the microphone performance. 
    * Day Three - Paired with 4 other riders but microphone was now 
    inaudible to all other riders 
    * Day 4  - connected to four other riders and microphone worked 
    perfectly for the first 4 hours then began to get faint again 
    * Day 5 - Powered on Sena and connected with 3 other riders, Sena 
    performed perfectly for about 4 hours then microphone began to fade 
    again and was inaudible for the second half of the day.

  • Ianboggio

    Hello, Sena 20S worked perfectly for long till now, muicrophone stopped workuing out of nothing, never dropped. I tried swapping the microphone... same thing. Runnuing on latest firmware.

  • Muhittin Öztürk
    Muhittin Öztürk

    To whom it concerns,
    My Sena 20S microphone suddenly stopped working. I checked the microphone with meter and there is no problem on it physically. I also upgraded the software on it to 1.7.1 but no luck, it is still not working. Could you please help ?
    Muhittin Ozturk

  • Carla Clayton
    Carla Clayton

    I have been using my 20S headset for quite a long while to talk with my riding buddy. I recently went on a dream trip of a lifetime - two weeks motorcycle touring parts of Europe. First day - 20S microphone stopped working! There didn't seem to be anything that would make it work? I can do everything with it except TALK. I don't think I should have to buy a whole brand new unit to fix this issue? Nothing terrible happened with my helmet on this trip? It flew in the cabin with me on the airplane. VERY annoying issue. 

  • Ryan Ikram Syarief
    Ryan Ikram Syarief

    Yes Mine too, My 20s can listen but cannot speak.. could you help me... i was update to new version software but still no luck... and i did buy the new set of hear and microphone 20s still no working

  • Carla Clayton
    Carla Clayton

    I forgot to mention - the problem follows with the microphone. We swapped microphones and kept the same 20S units. The issue with no talk moved right along with the microphone. We even tried a backup microphone. No go. 

    Set the unit back to default. Nothing.

    Upgraded the unit to newer software. Nothing. 

  • Jeff_Rivard

    Is anybody found the solution?


    I have the same problem.


    Thank you

  • James and Tracy Callahan
    James and Tracy Callahan

    We have the same problem with one of our's.  It also states the battery is low when it's fully charged and will turn off when trying to record. Do we get answers on our issues here?

  • Jeff_Rivard

    Problem solved.


    Soldering issue under the velcro tape on the wired mic.


    Both cables are very close of each other. Take care to don't make short.

  • Aidin

    I have the same issue. Mic has stopped working, tried a replacement dock and mic but the issue remains. Seems software related or an issue with the pins on the Sena 20s? 

  • Christine Dumont
    Christine Dumont

    Same issue here. It suddenly stopped working after 2 years. Tried with other microphones (boom wired and not wired). Did a factory reset, everything, still don't work.

  • Aidin

    I contacted Sena and they have warrantied mine, the units are covered under warranty for water damage so just get in touch with either your supplier or if you're in the US deal with Sena directly. 

  • Mark Hoffman
    Mark Hoffman

    RE:  20S microphone not working

    Out of the box, all microphones do not work with my iPhone.  It does work with my wife's SMH10 intercom.

    1. Did a factory reset

    2. Updated firmware, 1.7.7

    3. Factory reset

    4.  Verified the microphones are electrically OK

    I am about ready to return it and go back to SMH10.


  • Adjan Hansen-Ampah
    Adjan Hansen-Ampah

    I'm experiencing similar microphone problems (I also have two helmets with two separate sets of clamps and mics). I wrote a ticket and currently am discussing the issue with the German help desk team.

  • Roger Hamilton
    Roger Hamilton

    Same here. 

    Does anyone actually read these support pages at Sena? I see no answers to this. 

    I'm looking forward to going to the next bike show and having a visit to their stand to tell prospective customers what the real customer experience is like. 

  • Carla Clayton
    Carla Clayton



    Contact Sena and arrange to ship the unit to them. I did this and got a replacement for no charge. It was nothing I did - failure of  the unit.

  • antonio Fidanza
    antonio Fidanza

    brand new out of the box mic is not working on one of the 2 units i bought. 

    does not matter if the boom or the other mic is plugged in just does not work.

    any help on this would be great.

  • Anthony LaRusso
    Anthony LaRusso

    Mine stopped working, also. The connector (on the control side) is also frayed, and worn. Bad design - wiring is far from robust.

  • Andrew Batchelor
    Andrew Batchelor

    Same issue can hear others but not myself. It's some kind of software issue with Sena because I can record audio using a voice recorder on my android phone using the SENA mic and it's crystal clear. Tried every setting, turning off and on etc. 

  • Richard Kanik
    Richard Kanik

    August 2023. My mic stopped working and the replacement book mic does not work. Was this problem resolved? I updated my firmware and did a factory reset to no avail. Any help out there?


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