Volume issues


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  • Ken

    I've experienced somewhat the same problem; but for me it was an operator problem.  I wasn't isolating the GPS from Intercom to adjust the volumes independently, I think.  With a little playing with it, I succeeded.  Seems like I disconnected Intercom and then adjusted the GPS volume; and then reconnected intercom and adjusted the intercom volume.  


  • Luca Sauda
    Luca Sauda

    I also have the same issue.

    It seems that the GPS (if paired with "GPS pairing" and with "Audio Multitasking" active) doesn't have its own volume, but it depends on the volume of the current mode (standby or intercom).

    I tried what Ken wrote, but didn't solve the problem: if I'm in standby mode, and I turn the volume all the way down when the GPS talks, I can barely hear the Sena Voice Prompts. Then I open the intercom, and the GPS talks loud again. Same thing if I invert the steps...

    Unfortunately the Garmin doesn't allow to adjust its volume, when it's connected to a bluetooth headset. Otherwise we could solve that way...


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