Problem with repeatedly phone pairing

Recently my 20S has developed a new problem. 

When I turn my phone and the 20S on they pair correctly, but after about 30 seconds they loose pairing and the Sena 20 says "phone pairing" continuously but doesn't pair up again unless I switch the 20S off and then on again ....and then 30 seconds later looses the pairing again. My Sony Xperia phone pairs and works correctly with all of my other blue tooth devices. 

I have done a factory reset on the 20S but it still does the same thing. I then upgraded it back to 1.6 firmware and still the same issue. 

I can't even use the 20S to listen to the radio now because the radio keeps on getting interrupted every few seconds by the audible "phone pairing" message. 

What a frustrating piece of junk this has been. I had the SMH10 before and it was brilliant. My first 20S was already replaced due to the first one having very poor radio reception (This one has good reception) but because of this new problem the replacement is now unusable.

Any suggestions anyone or should I just stick it in the bin?

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