Group Intercom (from 3 to 8) - far from acceptable

Hi everyone,

Recently I've had the chance to use the 20s with one of my buddies as I've bought a dual pack. During the first 2 weeks we tested it as much as possible and we reached the conclusion that:

1. the 2km "promised" on the box are in fact less than 1km.

2. there's no difference between antenna up or down - or at least not noticeable (other people were asked to use it also)

3. the radio works only in the city - as soon as you get out of it there's just a very annoying hissing in our helmets.

4. Radio RDS function (set on European mode since we are in Europe) is not working. As soon as we're out from the city, where we manually set the frequency for a(ny) channel, that's it ... nothing changes when we reach the next city and where the same radio channel has a different frequency. If we use a car the rds function works well.

5. Many times the music (from the phone) gets rapidly interrupted when we are on intercom mode (2 way intercom). Sena says there are 2 bluetooth built in the 20s and this is why intercom can function at the same time with music/radio. But somehow, music connection is frequently affected by the intercom especially when you reach the rage limit and get disconnected/reconnected to the second user.


HOWEVER, the biggest problem came along with the 2nd dual pack which arrived for 2 other bike buddies. (who, of course, were pretty impressed with the 20s when seeing and trying out the first dual pack). As soon as we connected the 3rd 20s, and a simple 3way group was connected:

1. A popcorn, drum, crackling, static noise (as you all called it in your previous posts) started to get us crazy. Sometimes is in the background but most of the times is so loud that you wish you never got connected with the other 2. This also makes communication extremely difficult. HD audio or not we should still be able to understand each other, right?

2. The voices are distorted and very difficult to understand. I need to ask the other one to repeat what he said ... and eventually he tells me that the danger passed and I was just lucky I didn't fall since there was a big hole in the road. (etc)

3. The microphones remain active when a group is activated! Initially we thought it was just one mic picking up some sounds/noise (like a breath) and stays active but couldn't identify it. Than we realised that if any of us accelerated strongly all others could hear his engine. Above 100km/h I cannot hear my own engine so the noise was coming from the speakers inside my helmet. Also, the wind noise was amplified by 3! (if the microphones are active that means some of the background noise comes from my buddies through their mics to my speakers + the wind noise that my helmet has - AAAAAARGGGGHHHHH! unbearable!!!! Not to mention that because of this any music or radio will remain at a low volume since the intercom is prior to music/radio.

To conclude:

1. Please tell us if anyone found any solution(s) to the above mentioned.

2. Sena, how can you accept this situation when everyone is complaining about this for more than a year? Personally I payed all this money for a top quality product because we are 8 riders and we really wanted to be able to communicate and use all the other features. What do we do now? it's impossible to ride for several hours in these conditions. Intercom is not working as described! Did we pay more that 800euro (2 dual packs) for a product that we cannot use?

Cristian (Romania)

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