How do I set up group intercom between 20S and 10U?

I have tried to set up group intercom between a 20S and a 10U, but haven't been successful. From the 20S, when I try to add the 10U to a group, the app doesn't find the 10U when searching. The units use the latest firmware, are paired and each is connected to the app (on two different phones) but it doesn't work. 

It seems like the only way I could connect these units in a group intercom is to initiate it from the app connected to the 10U, but then I am only able to connect to the latest three paired units. I would like to be able to initiate the group intercom also from the 20S. Is this really correct behavior? Shouldn't I be able to add 10U units to my Group Intercom list of people from the 20S as well or is that limited only to other 20S units?

With this limitation, it seems like I am never able to initiate a group connection from a 20S if 10U units are in the group. If at least the more limited group intercom feature (3 latest paired units) would be available as an option on the 20S as well, it would be possible to initiate the group intercom, but now it's a "catch 22".

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