Unable to simultaneously enable audio multitasking and HD intercom on SRL3 headset despite this working fine on SRL2


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  • Chris Rawson
    Chris Rawson

    Sena support emailed me the following response:

    “To answer your question,

    “The SRL2 has two Bluetooth chips, which enables the device to be able to do eight-way Bluetooth Intercom. When a Two-way Bluetooth Intercom Conversation is being held, the SRL2 is able to dedicate one chip to HD Intercom/Intercom Quality and the other to Bluetooth Audio Multitasking/Audio processing.

    “On the other hand, the SRL3 has only 1 Bluetooth Chip and 1 Mesh Chip. Meaning that, all Bluetooth Intercom Functions are processed on one chip and the Mesh Chip is unable to assist as it is only for Mesh Intercom. This also applies to our other single Bluetooth Chip devices and is not just limited to the SRL3.”

    So basically anyone who has an SRL3 and rides with someone who has an SRL2 or older is out of luck if they want to have full quality comms and be able to simultaneously listen to music, GPS directions, etc.

    This is a significant and unacceptable downgrade to the SRL product line. It basically means anyone with an SRL3 can’t communicate at full audio quality and simultaneously use any other audio features unless they communicate with another comms system with a mesh setup.

    Sena didn’t make this feature downgrade on the SRL3 clear at all in any of its marketing or support material, and if my partner and I had known the SRL3 didn’t offer the same capabilities that earlier, cheaper Sena kits offered, we would not have bought the SRL3.

    This situation has severely impacted our ability to communicate with one another while riding, and as a result we are unlikely to purchase any Sena products in the future.

  • jeery smith
    jeery smith
      • Ensure that your SRL3 headset has the latest firmware installed. Manufacturers often release firmware updates to address bugs and improve functionality. Check the manufacturer's website or contact their support for instructions for magic show san jose on updating your headset's firmware.

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