SRL3 Static when connected to other helmets


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    What Tony mentioned is correct.

    Unfortunately, your riding environment dictates the quality of the audio being routed, and the sound quality is also affected by the number of connected devices.

    We've conducted some testing, and it appears that the signal is somewhat blocked by the head. The thickness of our skulls can pose a minor issue, though it is minimal. But i figure i share that since it was a pretty funny experiment to conduct, even turning your head would make some small changes.

    Although 400m/.25miles may not seem like much, in terms of how Bluetooth works, it's a relatively long distance.

    Our office is situated near a park with over 1 mile of open field and no intrusions, where we frequently conduct tests. We can confirm that it does work, but the farther away you are, the more interference you can expect.

    although, if there are more than 3 riders, you can effectively daisy chain the connection to increase range/stability in a sense as well.

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