Helmlink - Sena voice commands not working


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  • Emma Wilson
    Emma Wilson

    @slope game: Test the microphone separately: If possible, try testing the microphone independently, such as by connecting it to a different device or using a third-party audio recording app, to verify that the microphone itself is functioning correctly.

  • Craig Chapman
    Craig Chapman

    The Helmlink was tested with the original microphone and with another Sena replacement microphone, no input was detected by the main unit. Communication did not allow input to Sena commands or enable contact to Google on the phone. All output was good, from phone to speakers.

    I have followed advice from Sena support and returned the HelmLink to the supplier.

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison

    Sena voice command seldom work as advertised.

    I just switched over to Cardo Edge, and have been impressed with the voice command feature. It actually works 95% of the time. Even with an open faced helmet at speed! 


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