S20 + 10C Connection issues



We are 4 guys which everybody owns a Sena System. 3 X S20 + 1 x 10c.

First, we have serious connection problem.....to pair each one to the other one we must also power off and power on the devices multiple times before they find each other.

So, what i wanted to ask is if you can tell me which method is the best one to connect them together, maybe in such a way, that even if someone is falling behind and loses the connection, that the other three can still communicate together.

What should we use? Group Intercom? Normal Connection? Which setup should we use....it would be great if you could explain me step by step how to connect them together...which one first...group intercom or universal intercom ....4 way universal intercom....sorry...but it is verry complicated for me to see how we must connect it the best way....and than....how can we connect our phones simultanous as well as the navigation systems to it, so that everything works?

Thank you verry much for the help


Kind regards



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