30K mesh is terrible

I purchased a pair of 30k to upgrade from the cheapo Uclear. Mainly for sound quality and connectivity. Used the mesh intercom yesterday and we could hardly understand each other about half of the time. We were anywhere from 20 feet to 100 yards apart in both rural and city areas and the results were always bad. It sounded like an older digital phone loosing connection, very choppy. We finally pulled over after over an hour into the ride and tried using bluetooth to see if that helped. It worked great but totally defeated the purpose in buying the 30k. On top of that, the cheapo uclear speakers actually sound better. At the price point of this device, I'd expect to have good speakers and for the mesh to work better than the bluetooth, or at least work as good. Oh, and the 30k app usually has to be uninstalled and reinstalled on my Iphone to get it to connect to the app, even when the device is connected to the phone. Very disappointed. 

What can I do about this issue? Am I missing something in the the setup?


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