Microphone not working on a SRL


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  • Boo Rules
    Boo Rules

    I had the same problem as you when I received my SRL at the end of May.  No matter what I did I could not get the microphone to work when using the phone (I could invoke Sena voice commands).  I could not hear Siri or anyone when making or receiving a call.

    I sent the unit back to Motocard (where I purchased because the SRL is not available in the USA).  They were great in sending me a new replacement in a few days.  This unit works fine so far (used it on a few rides - about 15-18 hours total use time between music, phone and GPS).

    Here are some things I noticed about this SRL unit.  First Sena has had a bad time in rolling this out due to many problems posted here by other users.  My first unit had the older firmware (1.0.2) which I upgraded to the newer version (1.0.3) but that did not help.  However, the replacement I received already had firmware version 1.0.3.

    It appears Sena is rectifying the problem with the SRL but time will tell.  As of today (July 10, 2018) the SRL still cannot be purchased from retailers in the USA.  

  • Bari Bar-Zion
    Bari Bar-Zion

    I have purchased the Neotec II helmet and rather than using my existing CARDO Sho-1, decided to go with the SRL.  BIG MISTAKE.

    Let me start with the bottom line: THE SENA SRL IS HORRIBLE - NOTHING LESS.

    First, the mic quality is VERY BAD. People can hardly hear me, no matter if I am driving or standing or if the helmet is open or closed. They just can hardly hear me.

    Voice commands can not be executed because of the mic sound quality. "hello sena" does not work 99 times out of 100. radio can not be activated. Hello Siri in non existent.  

    Second, when I finally manage to put some music using my phone directly rather than with voice command, the sound quality is just not good. 

    A week ago wrote an angry mail to sena support. and guess what - no one bothers to answer. So customer service is also problematic.

    conclusion: Lots of money thrown away for nothing.

    I should have stayed with my Cardo systems. Had a few of them through the years and was never disappointed.


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