20S / 30K Monitor handheld radio and listen to music

I bought a 30K for the multitasking. I have an aviation handheld radio that I can pair with my 30K as a headset, but I'd like to be able to listen to music while monitoring the handheld radio. I'm having a hard time being able to do this.

I think the 30K believes I'm "on the phone" while connected to the handheld radio because it requires access to the microphone and the audio like a phone would. Therefore it mutes the music I'd like to be listening to as long as the handheld radio is connected.

I'd like to be able to blend the audio from the music with the handheld radio. Is this possible? Most of the time, the audio from the radio is basically off while there is no radio traffic - so that's an ideal time for the music volume to be max. If possible, the 30K should detect when there is audio coming from the radio and at that time lower the music volume.

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