CB radio, HD 20s Evo, & Whim issues

I have the Harley Davidson branded 20S Evo & the Whim installed on my 2017 Harley Davidson Road Glide.. I have issues when using it with 2 headsets(My wife & myself) especially when attempting to use intercom & the HD CB radio. If I turn her headset off, my CB radio works fine, I hear all of the receive audio from the CB radio. When we are using intercom & the Harley Davidson CB radio, I can not hear the first 4 or 5 words when someone is talking on the CB radio, the audio is very low, after a few words  are spoken, I hear them because the audio gets louder.

I have 2.0 firmware & have reset the headsets. I also have the latest firmware in the WHIM!

I'm about ready to get WIRED again! No more wireless!

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