My friends and I left Sena over 3 years ago because of continued issues.

The main aggravating 20S issues were:

Shuts off randomly, leaving the user thinking that simply no one is talking.  

Clicking-Popping-Drumbeat when 3  or more users in communication.  

No music when 3 or more in communication.

There were many more issues.   The five of us finally gave up and went to Cardo Scala.  What a relief.  And the Scala DMC was brand new and worked wonderfully!  


Well, We all have Harleys and can't use our PackTalks with the WHIM/BoomBox.  So many cool features with the BoomBox and we can't use them!   Harley partnered with Sena,leaving what we felt was a superior product, Scala PackTalk out.  

But there's no way I'll give up the performance of the Scala  PackTalk and go back to the same old Sena issues.  

So my question to the community is:  Has  Sena fixed  all those  aggravating issues?  What is the consensus?  

And a question for Sena:  Will the new (2020) Sena  50S be  compatible with the Harley Davidson WHIM?  That's the biggie that would get me to change back to Sena.   



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