Connecting SC1A to Mac laptop or IOS app

Brand new C4 Pro and SC1A.
I would like to check/update the firmware.
I downloaded Sena Device Manager on my Mac. I connect the Mac to the SC1A using the supplied cord. Device Manager gets to the device recognition, but cannot find the SC1A. I try to power on the SC1A, but cannot power it on while it is connected to Mac. I disconnect from Mac, power it on, plug it back into Mac, and it powers itself off. How do I connect?????????

2nd issue...I try to connect via BT to iPhone so I can check settings. SC1A will connect to phone and I can listen to music. When I try to open the Settings button in the App, it says "Connect your SCHUBERTH headset with your phone and terminate the Ride Connected App". The headset IS connected and the RideConnected App is not active, but even so I deleted the RideConnected App from the phone. I STILL am not able to open the Settings button on the SCHUBERTH App on the phone.

Please help!!!!!! I am denied at every step and do not know where to turn.


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