crap product and support


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  • Sena Marketing
    Sena Marketing

    Hi. We're sorry to hear that you are having these issues with your headsets. Have you contacted our Customer Service department for warranty replacement on your headsets? If you have, can you please provide a ticket number so that we can check our records. Thanks.


    For Sena Marketing:  I am in "no man's land" because my units are the Harley Davidson branded Sena 30K models.  I have asked for support from both Sena and Harley Davidson.  Not much help from either.  My units are beyond the warranty period so - no joy.  Maybe some simplified Youtube videos about the proper settings would help me.  The users manual is so complex it is hard to understand.  These units should not be that difficult to use.  I am acknowledging that the issue may be operator error but I find the support to be very minimal.


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