50s and 30k Mesh won't connect


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  • Esteban

    Well, got tricked, turns out "30K and 50S WILL connect" as in the future but not now, well played, should have known better,

    fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Hi Esteban. Please see our FAQ about the 50S and 30K connecting to each other in Mesh Intercom mode https://community.sena.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039459052. Thanks.

  • Camilla Kleindienst
    Camilla Kleindienst

    I know SENA continues to put out new products.  We have had our 30K for almost a year.  NO THANKS on anything SENA again.  (thumbs down)

  • Phyllis Briles
    Phyllis Briles

    Wish I had know this before I traded "up" from my 20 to a 50s.  The 50 does not allow as many bluetooth connections as my 20 did & will not connect thru mesh with the Harley Davidson 30s.

  • Ivan Baguio
    Ivan Baguio

    my 50s connects to my 30k without any problems. Have you updated your 30k firmware?


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