30K, SR10 & GPS (TT550), either SR10 or GPS at a time??


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  • Ilpo Lehto
    Ilpo Lehto

    Now I can't believe this.

    I downgraded an other 30K, one step at a time to 2.1.

    When I got there, I was able to get both devices connectedted simultaneously.

    Then I realized, reset is gone?? (10s phone button)

    fw 2.3, connection is still there.

    fw 2.3.1, then takes noticeably more time to get GPS connected, but it did.

    Now, both are somehow working, but first few second are missing from GPS, when intercom is on.

    GSM pairing was lost, so I paired that again... no problem with GSM... but SR10 disappeared. (I suppose GPS is "faster" to connect, which blocked SR10, as what was the original problem)

    But now, when I try to make reset (10s phonebutton), it dosn't reset, but starts phone pairing, beep beep, phone paired, still button pressed, "media connected", then I released phone button and.... after a few seconds, SR10 is connected????

    So I lost 10s reset, but it's functionality changed to "get SR10 connected"????

    And, still some moments from the beginning are missing from GPS notes.

    I reset that unit, which was downgraded/upgraded, with a button "inside", which seems to turn it off but doesn't reset BT connections. So, I really don't know what else it will do than turn it off.

    The other 30K, which is still unchanged, has 10s phonebutton reset feaure, but that doesn't reset BT either. 

    Can't test it here, but I belive, speed camera "beep" is so short, I'm not going to hear it.

    Can't test these in overall, properly here, when I'm not riding, but I'll come back to this after some rides.



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