30K, SR10 & GPS (TT550), either SR10 or GPS at a time??

I had this combination on last summer. 

For some certain reasons we were Cardo users for a while... but then returned back to Sena.

So now a new 30K, old SR10 & GPS.

Last summer, I was able to connect GPS & SR10 simultaneously... with the new 30K I can't??

I can pair them both, one at the time, but which ever boots up first, will prevent the other one.

In other words, if SR10 connects first, GPS won't. And vice versa.

30K &fw has changed, SR10 is as it was, GPS has same fw.

So, my conclusion is, something as been changed in 30K fw??


-30K has 2.3.1 fw

-SR10 & GPS, as they were

"Master reset" has been done for 30K, new pairing, again, again, ....

SR10was paired as - 5sec blue/red flashing, TT has one choise - connect headset.

SR10 to 30K, middle button 5sec, phone button -> second phone pairing

GPS to 30K, middlebutton 5 sec, phone 2x -> GPS pairing.

Both 30K's are acting the same way.

What am I doing wrong?

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