Karting Solution?

Hi guys! I am considering getting a Sena device to use as a kart to pit intercom solution with my son. I wanted to validate with you guys what I've gathered so far.

  1. basically i want an intercom so I could talk to my son from the pit as he is doing laps. 
  2. kart tracks are usually around 1.2km long. So the raidus should be roughly less than half that. A device with half a km range should be ok,
  3. I need something removable as intercoms are generally not allowed during official races.

Based on the product descriptions, the SF2 seems to be a fit.

  1. Is this the cheapest solution for my application?
  2. By intercom... this means, no phonecalls or smartphones required right?
  3. Do I need 2 devices? Or can the SF2 to do intercom with any bluetooth devices...ie. can i talk to him using my iphone from the pits?

Thanks in advance!

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