Sena 50S - Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking

In the manual, section 13.2.8 says that Bluetooth Intercome Audio Multitasking is disabled by default.  But mesh is always on.

The NOTE says "For Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking to work properly, you need to power the headset off and on. Please restart the headset"

That isn't very clear.  Do I power off and back on after  pairing?  While taking? what???  I've tried allot of options and none seem to turn Audio Multitasking on for Bluetooth Intercom.

I'm using a pair of 50S headsets.

Whenever I turn the headset off and back on, it disables Bluetooth Intercom.  I have to push the big round button once to enable bluetooth intercom and as soon as I do, the music cuts out completely and never comes back on.

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