Sena 20s and 2020 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special, Need help


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  • Larry Barasch
    Larry Barasch

    I think you should try going into your phone's SETTINGS then BLUETOOTH and make sure it shows the Sena 20s is still connected. If it says "Not Connected", connect it and see if that helps.

  • Talley Chan
    Talley Chan

    I believe you should check your phone's SETTINGS, then BLUETOOTH, to see whether the Sena 20s is still attached. Connect it if it reads "Not Connected" and see if it works. Test run 2 player games on the phone.

  • Adrian Erdman
    Adrian Erdman

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  • Dedra Nowlin
    Dedra Nowlin

    thanks for sharing

  • freebird01ao

    he built-in USB hub, the Sena 20s will playing music to my headset and the music will only come through the bike's speakers. Is t nice


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