Sena SRL/ Shoei Neotec 2 output too low!!!

I've recently purchased a Shoei Neotec 2 with the SRL sound system, new, which I've installed. I've followed all the online suggestions to boost the volume, but anything over 40 mph and I can't barely hear anything. I've used the pads to put the speakers closer to my ears and still not good......So I bought a Cardo Pactalk and tried it and still the same, not enough output. Using my I phone 11. Used the app and added the boost option with both the SRL and the other system.......any suggestions. I'll buy another system and install, I just need to hear my stuff at 80+mph.......with my skid bucket and my stereo with amp, I have to turn it down because it hurts my ears and I can hear a tambourine at 80+mph, for $1k helmet and sound system, I'd expect the same, 

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