A simple way to have a one on one conversation when in a MESH connection.

Have the capability of easily exiting the MESH connection, and connect to any of the up to 3 Sena units that may beBT  paired together, for a private one on one conversation, then easily connect back in to the MESH connection.

Example. More than 4 are connected via the MESH. Of that group I may have up to 3 BT paired to my 50S. I may wish to have a one on one private conversation with one of the 3 I have BT paired, without any others in the MESH knowing that is occurring. I would like the be able to simple press the Jog Dial once, or issue a Voice Command “Intercom One”. My 50S should disconnect from the MESH, and > >force <<<the BT unit I’m trying to connect too (if in range of course), to disconnect from the MESH, and connect to me via BT, for our one on one private conversation. Once that conversation has concluded, both units would need to automatically reconnect to the MESH, when either of us terminates the BT connection, and resume as before.

I understand that one could possibly setup additional channels in the MESH, however having the ability to perform the above IMO would be of great advantage.


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