Sena 10C Evo camera problems


I am using Sena 10c evo one month. From the very beginning I could not manage to get it work properly.

First of all, when I switch camera on, I was trying to start recording immediately. Only later I've noticed, that I have to wait for second beep after notification, that camera is on. 

For some reason camera stops recording by itself. It does not give notification "Recording stopped", only beeps one time. After hearing this, I have to start recording again. Sometimes it starts normally, but sometimes, it gives another sound beep and does nothing. 

Sometimes, after the ride, when I try to stop recording, I get only beep sound, and no notification "Recording stopped". If I press button again, it gives same beep, and no other actions. Situation changes only after switch off camera. In that case file is corrupted and can not be opened. 

I need help, how to fix these issues ? Firmware is upgraded to latest one. 

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