Sena 30K's are not worth the money.

We bought a new pair of the 30K's when we bought our 2018 Goldwing at the recommendation of the shop where we bought the bike. Biggest mistake we ever made! This units are just about worthless, for almost $600. The wind noise you cannot stop, so you have to have it to where you can hear the radio no matter if you are using the intercom or not because if you get over 30mph, the wind noise is so bad you can't hear the radio anyway. And not being able to turn off the intercom if you are riding by yourself and listening to music, you hear "intercom failed to connect, try again later" constantly. They are not water proof, just water resistant. I really wish I would have done some investigating on my own because I would NOT have ended up with the units we have. Probably not a Sena unit at all. There are far better units out there that have all the features I was looking for, that actually work, for the  same money or even less. And Sena customer service is awful!!!! They are not trying to do anything to fix the issues they know they have and people are left with either using the units like they are, or spending the money to buy others and trying to sell the units we have, which is almost impossible, because anyone that does any investigating is going to find out what pieces of crap they are. 

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