SENA 20S EVO battery drains when OFF


I've got a SENA 20S EVO and my wife too.
Her's is perfect and can remain in OFF for months without discharging.

Mine is going from fully loaded to totally discharged within a week, without turning it on.

This began right after the warranty period :(

I thought that the battery was too old and I changed it (not so easy on a 20S EVO). Unfortunately, that didn't solve the trouble.

I tried then with another new battery, and stil the same problem. If I remain the full battery out of the unit, it does not discharge at all ... so the battery in itself does not seem to be in default.

I measured the electrical consumption of the unit when powered off and I found 4mA, which seems a lot !

By the way, 4mA is draining the battery in less than 10 days theorically, which is more or less consistant with what happens on my unit in real life.

I suppose now that my unit is consuming too much when powered off.

Would anyone have any idea about what could cause that ?

I tried to factory reset without any consequence on this consumption.

When powered on, the autonomy is normal and everything behaves normally.

Thanks and regards

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