SRL firmware issues


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  • Michaelcampbell

    If you are using a Mac, the device manager does not work on Big Sur trust me I am knee deep in emails and they have not a clue.

    If you have Catalina give that a go as their support is useless 

  • Adam Brantz
    Adam Brantz

    Same here. It didn't work.

    run 3

  • nhonnguyen61

    I understand it is not related and I had my SRL replaced twice, now I afraid to update firmware or pair with anything. Thought it was a good idea to trade up with 20S to 50 series and now I have the same problem, does not pair or recognize by any devices and device manager would not recognize it either, tech support told me to pair proper device in proper section and I bet you he has no clues. I am ready to switch to Cardo.



  • Andrew Iggo
    Andrew Iggo

    Hey Tony. Don't switch to Cardo. Their software dept is even less helpful. Fcatory reset my device then told me they no longer had the software supported online so I couldn't even get back to pre reset conditions. It's sitting on the shelf as junk thanks to their tech support.


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