I owned a SENA SMH10... for me, it is the ultimate design for a unit. Huge jog dial and a big button... 2 easy to find, easy to use, fit for purpose controls that can be used wearing the thickest of gloves. I had that unit for 6 or 7 years and now my nephew uses it... the battery does not last as long as it once did but it is incredible value considering its lifetime.

It only let me down one time during many winters use... and even then, once I dried it out it worked perfectly from that day on... a different (more waterproof) connection and it would still be the design to which, ALL units should aspire. 

My hands are like a bunch of bananas so when I saw the jog dial replaced with a flat circular disc I panicked and thought I would not be able to feel the flat jog dial... does anyone have experience of both and can honestly say whether it is as easy to use or not.

I should point out I made a HUGE mistake and bought a Cardo Packtalk bold, I know the buttons are the size of an ants finger and impossible to find wearing gloves but I thought voice commands would make it easy to use... boy was I wrong. Belch, yawn, sneeze, sing along to music and it would redial last number... once or twice and the guy on the other end laughed it off, 6 or 7 times and he was seriously annoyed... AND there appears to be no CANCEL voice command. Screaming "CANCEL, STOP YOU $%**^££$ piece of ^%$** " had no effect. The phone app worked 1 in every 5 times, it has no playlist option, occasionally the radio would come on and deafen me with static. twice it refused to turn on or respond until I had plugged it into the charger (even though it was fully charged). but enough digressing....


while wearing thick gloves, is the flat dial on newer units, as easy to use as the SMH10 nice big beautiful bulbous, easy to find Jog dial? or did design peak with the smh10?

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