30K Issues

I purchased a new 2019 Harley Ultra Limited and last year had the WHIM installed and purchased two 30K headsets.  I have never been able to get them to work properly.  Main issue is with intercom and functionality when my wife and I ride together.  Intercom either does not engage or will not disengage.  Slightest wind noise will cause it to engage but will never disengage.  I have contacted Sena who says they cannot help because it is Harley software.  I have updated software and firmware as well as changed sensitivity settings etc.  I contacted Harley and they cannot help me either.  Sena tells me that the "Mesh 2" may be the solution to my problem.  Sena cannot tell me if it will be available with Harley.  Harley cannot even tell me if they are testing Mesh 2 or if it will ever be available.  Sena web site says they partner with Harley and that the 30K Boom has the features of the Sena 30K yet no one can tell me what is happening with Mesh 2 or help me in any way with my issues.  Was also told that the new upgraded helmet speakers Sena has will NOT deliver stereo sound through the Harley system.  Have talked to many other Harley owners with same issues and same results.  I have over $1,000 investment that we have to turn off because it is not functional.  We cannot even listen to the radio because of the intercom issues.  I am totally frustrated and continue to be a ping pong ball batted back and forth between Sena and Harley.  I thought that partnerships and collaborations were just that, but when there are issues all I have received is finger pointing.  Wondering what to do?  Any input is greatly appreciated.

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