SRL2 with Shoei GT Air 2 sounds awful

I just treated myself to a Shoei GT Air 2 helmet which is great, I love it. So rather than fit the Interphone F5MC that I had on my old helmet I bought the Sena SRL2 headset to go into the helmet. It didn't come with a second headset but It did fit direct to the helmet. Made for the helmet and therefore there are no wires hanging out and nothing attached to the outside of the headshell. It was actually quite easy to fit.

Operating the Sena isn't too simple though. The shape of the unit means that feeling it with gloves on is awkward as it's very flat to the side of the helmet. 

The sound was the most disappointing thing for me though. There is no bass and very little mid range. The sound is almost entirely treble and very thin and "Tinny". It isn't an enjoyable experience at all. It also means that any wind noise makes the sound fade into the back ground. Because of this I find that I am constantly changing the volume depending on the speed that I'm riding.

All in all It's a very very disappointing experience and not worth the Money. In the UK I bought mine for £259.99. That's a single unit for a single rider. The Interphone cost roughly the same when I bought it but with the hardware for two helmets, an ease of use and far far better sound.

Are there plans to improve the SRL2 speakers to make them better and more enjoyable or will I need to ask for my money back?

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