Audio Multitasking with 50r does not work


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  • Brent Berry
    Brent Berry

    I also have issues with navigator and iPhone.  Navigation turns of music from phone, but that's only half the problem.  Navigation prompts are very distorted.  If I use navigation without phone connected it sounds fine.  If i use phone without navigation phone sounds fine.  If I use both, the phone still sounds fine but navigation prompts sound terrible.  Very distorted, even though phone audio is turned off when navigation prompts happen.

  • Francesco Cuzzola
    Francesco Cuzzola

    I also have exactly the same problem you just described.  spending so much money for such poor quality makes me angry.

    Sena technical support has known about this problem for some time apparently and is unable to fix it.

  • Chris

    I found it best to turn off the smartphone notifications on the zumo 595. On my goldwing the phone is mounted opposite the zumo so I can see any notifications there. Also I can ask siri ,through the 50s to read me my last text message. If you want it all to go thru the zumo you might try not pairing the phone to the 50r, just 50r to garmin and phone to garmin. If you enable smartphone notifications on the garmin it gets garbled audio. 

  • Ian

    I've found an issue with the lates firmware update 1.0.8. related to A2DP multitasking. Only way I could get it work was by going back to firmware 1.0.6. I have a slightly different set up and issue but very similar and connected to the same thing. You've nothing to lose by trying the same. 

  • Ian
    March 3, 2021
    • Minor bug fixes with the Audio Multitasking feature for A2DP, Bluetooth Intercom / Mesh Intercom and GPS devices
    • Minor bug fixes with the Audio Multitasking feature during Mesh Intercom for GPS devices that support wide band audio
    • Minor bug fixes with the Audio Multitasking feature for the SR10 and the Bluetooth Intercom feature

    This is in the firmware history of downloads section in the support area.

  • Tijn

    I have got the same problem on my Impulse, connected to my Garmin Zumo. Got the latest update 1.1. Audio Multitasking is turned on in the app, but music simply mutes with every GPS voice instruction.

    Is there any fix by now?

    It is very annoying for a system this expensive.


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