Audio Multitasking with 50r does not work

Hi, I recently bought the Sena 50r but I have problems with Audio Multitasking. In theory, when I listen to music, the gps voice should not interrupt the music. I also have a Sena SF4 and with that the two audios overlap. Is it possible that the 50r does not have this function? This Audio Multitasking should work even better than the Audio Overlay system. Can anyone help me figure out how to make it work (always if it works)? I tried different settings (Multitasking on and off, audio overlay on and off, sensitivity, etc.) but nothing changes, the audio of the Garmin navigator always interrupts the music. The phone (iPhone 12 Pro) is also connected to the Garmin Zumo XT, any notification I receive, the music disappears. In short, I cannot listen to music more than 30 seconds in a row, because it is always interrupted. I want the two audios to overlap like on my SF4 (on SF4 I can also set the priority audio source and I have inserted "music" and everything works perfectly). I also tried to install all the previous firmwares, but nothing, the problem is always there. I also tried to do the factory reset, I tried to reset with the button, I tried to delete all the pairs, nothing changes. I connect the phone to Sena's phone channel (not with advanced selective pairing) and the Garmin to the gps channel.

Please help me, otherwise I am forced to return the product to the merchant, because I cannot use this product like that.

Thank you

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