SENA 50S volume issues

My new 50S is changing volume with the wind at high speed if I turn my head. its like the wheel is to easy to turn. then it goes to full volume and the beeping constantly when it hit full volume is driving me nuts. Can the beep be taking out some how with an update the volume I can live with I can just adjust it with my phone as a preamp but the beeps makes me lose my mind SENA HELP ME PLEASE!!!!  its so distracting Ive almost crashed a couple of times readjusting the wheel at speed or volume blasting my ears at full blast startling me .

I found a cover on ebay awhile back no longer available  made of  silicone witch probably would have  solve the volume changing problem but but not the stupid beep beep beep beep beep I hate it BEEP BEEP BEEP the volume goes down come back up the Beep volume goes then comes back  over and over , I have a few choice words for the engineer who thought that was a good idea ... 

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