SMH5 - functionality

I am looking to purchase a pair of HJC 10B headsets for me (rider) and my wife (pillion), plus two new HJC compatible helmets. As part of this uncharacteristic splurge, I intend to also purchase a new TomTom 550 to replace a worn and unhappy Garmin GPS.

In order for me to be confident in the functionality of the HJC 10B (which I understand is the same as the Sena SMH5), I would need the headset to be able to allow conversation between rider and pillion whilst BOTH of us can hear the turn instructions from the TomTom. Is this possible with the SMH5 or would I have to purchase the SMH20 (which I understand is equivalent to a HJC 20B)?

I do not want nor need to pair with anything else, I do not want to receive calls, play music or communicate with other riders, just be able to talk to my pillion and for both us to hear the GPS instructions. I understand that the TomTom can only be connected to other devices via Bluetooth. 

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