Sena SRL2 speaker upgrade and compensation to existing customers


First, I'd like to say that I was initially thrilled with the ease of installation with my new Shoei GT Air 2 helmet (which I love.) Sleek design and I love the integration so that a bid unit isn't sticking out.

Second, I really like the clarity when using the phone as everyone I called was quite surprised that I was on my motorcycle when I was speaking with them. I also liked the same clarity when speaking with my girlfriend as a passenger (I installed one in her helmet as well) and setting up the link was effortless.

However, I then went for a ride and tested out the music, both with radio and Bluetooth on my iPhone apps - it was horrible. No bass, very tinny to the point it started to give me a headache. I tried updating the firmware, boosting volume and base on my phone and nothing helped.

I was so disappointed, especially because my initial research had  pointed me in the direction of the Cardo packtalk because it used JBL speakers and the reviews were so good, but I wanted the integration with my helmets and assumed that it would be close with the Sena system as it was actually more money for me to purchase the SLR2's.

I contacted customer service and they informed me that they are aware of the problem and that the team is hoping they will work on an upgrade soon, but also indicated that it would be in the form of a new unit. This would mean purchasing two brand new units rather than simply upgrading the speaker on the existing unit.

This concerns me because this would mean another $750 investment and the two units I currently have of no use to me. I suggested that a credit and/or trade-in should be considered for customers who own the current model as both an incentive and compensation for this model which is known by Sena to be inferior in sound quality.

I was told that writing this post would be beneficial in helping the Sena team become more aware of the problem with this unit and assist in evolving this unit. I hope some sort of compensation will be considered so that your current customers will be acknowledged for their loyalty and not put in the awkward position of having to go to a better-sounding system.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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